While some designers create spaces that smack old-fashioned style, others bring a new kind of chic. Here's how best to rise above the rest.

1. They're passionate about what they do: 

Great interior designers in Mumbai are true believers in their profession -- and it shows in every project they take on. With conviction comes intensity: These pros don't just believe that design matters, they demonstrate it; turning small details into major statements and big projects into works of art using only paint and fabrics. It may sound romantic, but top designers see beauty in everything around them -- because they care about everything around them.

2. They know balance is crucial:

From floor plans to hues, these pros recognize not overdoing anything often means everything. Take space planning: Good designers know that stacking furniture against walls can create opportunities for design breakthroughs. Sure, well-placed pieces can define a space, but too many can cause visual mayhem. The best designers balance the two: intelligently placed furnishings that define without overwhelming a room.

3. They draw inspiration from more than just design magazines:

Taking cues from what's popular is a smart way to guarantee that your décor doesn't date, but many of the best interior designers in Mumbai we know aren't afraid to look beyond home pages for their latest ideas -- or to create something unique all on their own. From surprising colors and unexpected patterns to the most innovative decorations in town, these pros never stop reinventing themselves -- because they believe each room should be as original as its owner.

4. They don't bite off more than they can chew:

When you've got great taste, less is almost always more; so it makes sense that the best designers wouldn't want too much for clients to digest (or have them reach for the antacid). From neutral palettes to uncommon places for powder rooms, these pros know it's better to keep spaces simple -- because less truly is more.

5. They're detail-oriented:

Finally, just as edible details make a gourmet meal stand out, carefully orchestrated nuances can transform your home into a masterpiece; so the best designers often pay extra attention to things that others might overlook or take for granted (e.g., lighting fixtures, rugs, and even knobs on doors). And although these extras don't cost much more than standard options, they often add up to a room with real style and personality.

6. They're always learning:

Designers who stay in school extend their knowledge base beyond design magazines -- and that's a good thing. Not only do they continually enhance their skills, but these pros also bring fresh ideas to every project, including ones for which they've already earned accolades. As a result, both the projects and reputations of these top interior designers in Mumbai are sure to remain fresh as well -- because who knows more about design than someone who spends her days learning about it?

7. They're proud:

From inspiring clients to endearing fellow designers, great interior designers know how to be proud of what they do -- and eager to share it with others; so everyone wins when even the most jaded critic is won over by something she sees in stores or online. In fact, this kind of pride can lead a designer back into an old space, just to prove she can make it more beautiful -- which is why often, no matter how much time has passed, once you've worked with a great designer, you're not likely to forget her work.